NYC Flagship

Maison Du KREWE is a multi-purpose creative and communal space occupying a townhouse in the heart of the iconic Meatpacking District. Inspired by our French Louisiana roots, the interior design fuses European charm with New York's palpable energy.

Store Hours

Mon-Thurs, Sun 11-7pm
Fri-Sat 11-8pm
Across from Pastis and next to RH Guesthouse


Vibes (and wine) for days

Make your way to the back of the flagship and find &HOLIDAY, our natural wine parlor. Nestled in a living room beneath an oversized skylight with a stone slab fireplace and plush vintage seating that's made for lingering.

Revolve around the sun

We take natural light seriously. Gansevoort Street is perfectly aligned with the sun during the spring & autumn equinoxes. On those two days every year, the picturesque event draws crowds from all over the city.