The KREWE Standard

We source only the finest materials to create our hand-crafted, wearable pieces of everyday luxury. Our processes demand hands-on expertise and an intricate attention to detail.


Bigger isn't always better

We believe good things come in small batches, which is why we aim to always sell out. This cuts back on unnecessary waste and leads to faster turnaround times — making for more satisfied buyers and a happier planet.

Our quality control checks are performed in-house, with a 100-point inspection system that allows us to examine and polish each pair of KREWE frames by hand. You know it when you see it. The quality and silhouettes are so iconic, they could only be KREWE.


Show me what you're made of

We don’t settle for less than the finest materials when crafting our one-of-a-kind frames. Our selection processes are always honest and uncompromising, so you can rest assured that every component of our products is ethically sourced and carefully inspected for perfection.

Our custom patterns and exclusive colorways are cut from thick slabs of cotton-based cellulose acetate.

We use only the finest metals when constructing our frames, from premium titaniums to 24K gold-plated hardware.


Get the best view

Our lenses put us in a different league than the rest. Each pair of KREWEs is equipped with shatter-resistant lenses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, with special anti-scratch and anti-smudge coatings to keep your view sharp and crystal clear.


This is how we do it

Each color that makes up our exclusive acetate patterns is hand-mixed and hand-fed through a machine like pasta dough, producing long strips that look like cotton spaghetti. These are painstakingly arranged, fused, and baked together to create the intricate designs you know and love.

Depending on the complexity of the design, our acetates can take anywhere from one to twelve weeks to complete.